Student ID Requirements

Attention Students and Famliies,

Students should have their student ID with them at all times when they are at East High School or EHS events. If a staff member asks to see their ID they should be able to produce it. We have covers and lanyards for students to utilize if they don’t have one.  Students may be asked to produce their ID during the following situations:

– Entering the school after 8:25. Remember, students should ONLY enter through the North doors after 8:25 (except coming from Central Campus/Academy). A campus monitor will ask to see their ID daily.

– Attending events and when buying event tickets.

– When in the hall during a class and they do not have a classroom pass.

– Would need them for specific testing days (ACT, ISASP, AP testing etc).

The reason we are emphasizing students carry their IDs is to ensure that only EHS students are in the building.  It is important to us that we keep EHS safe for all students and helping us to verify who should be here is a positive step in that direction.  If a non-East student is in the building without permission, they will be taken to an office, their home school and parents/guardians will be communicated with, and they will be asked to leave.

Thanks for your cooperation,

– Admin Team


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