Our Mission, Vision, and Values

DMPS Vision

Becoming the model for urban education in the United States.

DMPS Mission

The Des Moines Public Schools Exist So That Graduates Possess the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities to Be Successful at the Next Stage of Their Lives.

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East High School Motto

For the Service of Humanity

For the Service of Humanity has been the long-standing motto of East High School and impacts the daily work of those who work here, go to school here, and guides our community interactions.

At East High School, we take this phrase to heart. To be in the service of humanity is to prepare our learners for life after high school and to become members of society poised to impact others for the better. Education is a tremendous gift in our world; we intend to provide opportunities every day to support this motto and the outcomes we desire for all learners. To be in service of humanity is to create a sense of belonging for those around us, helping to ensure ourselves, and others, thrive and reach their greatest potential.

For our learners, this means that their educational experience is rooted in our vision for learning and instruction at East High School. The tenants of our vision for learning and instruction are the:

  • We are Critical Thinkers
  • We are Collaborative
  • We are Communicators
  • We are Respectful
  • We are Life-long Learners

Additionally, we will work through the expectation that all learning opportunities for students are at grade level, are engaging, affirming, and meaningful.