About East

At East we are committed to:

Equity: We are committed to social justice, restorative practices and involving all stakeholders (student, staff, family, community) in different decision-making processes to policies and behaviors to become an equitable anti-racist school.

Accountability: In order to make East High School a more rigorous learning environment for all learners within our community, the East High Staff is committed to all students and stakeholders to hold ourselves and others to high expectations that includes, but are not limited to: ​

  • Equity​
  • Anti-racism​
  • Social and Emotional Learning​
  •  Using the contribution of student and staff voice ​

Sense of Belonging: At East High School we will value all stakeholders and develop relationships by implementing shared decision – making structures and developing trust and respect.

Tiered Universal Instruction: In order to empower all staff and students, we will engage in data-driven, proactive and responsive instruction while maintaining high expectations to ensuring equitable learning opportunities for ALL.