East School Leadership Team


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The School Leadership Team (SLT) at East High School is a team of students, teachers, support staff, administrators, and district level staff who work collaboratively to ensure our systems and supports ensure equity and lead to success for all students. While we meet as a whole team on a regular basis, our SLT also has three working teams that address specific areas including: Instructional Leadership Team, Family & Community Engagement, and Social-Emotional Learning.

Over the past five years our SLT has spent considerable time examining our own beliefs, biases, structures and systems to ensure that as a team, we are truly doing what is in the best interest of our students and our community. As a team and as individuals, we work to support each other in the development of our leadership skills so that we can be open and responsive to the needs of our stakeholders. We continually monitor trust and process data amongst our team to ensure a high functioning team and we make necessary adjustments as needed. We also engage in continuous learning as we work to become a Learning Organization.

In the coming months, SLT will be engaging in learning around equity and anti-racism. We will also be working to craft Mission and Vision statements for our SLT and will begin the process of creating leadership competencies for our SLT members as a means of ensuring accountability to the work and to our students. Additionally, we will work to evaluate our MTSS and Universal Tier to find pathways forward for a more just and equitable school.