What makes East High School such a great school? The students! Here you will be able to find all of the resources you need to be successful at East High. Stay up to date with news by checking out the daily Scarlet Country bulletin. The counseling and library departments also provide a number of helpful resources for East High students. In this section, you’ll find the student handbook along with policies, calendars and schedules. Lastly, use the student toolbox to browse East High apparel, social media and other resources.


Stay up to date with all of the news at East High School. The scarlet country bulletin provides daily information regarding school activities and events. Whether it’s announcements regarding school dances or reminders about scholarship deadlines, the scarlet country bulletin has all of the latest East High news and events covered.


In this section you will find a number of helpful resources provided by the East High counseling department. Included are college entrance requirements with an application checklist, videos, and links to sites such as the ACT website. Also, you will find information on scholarships to help you save money while attending college. If you have any questions regarding any of the resources provided by the counseling department, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our counselors.

Policies & Handbook
The Des Moines district has a district-wide code of conduct for all extra-curricular activities. The current policy was revised and implemented in 2009 district-wide. The East High School Student Handbook is found in this section. It is updated each year by the administration at East. This document aligns with district policies. The Discipline of Conduct is a district-wide policy. This policy documents and explains the district philosophy on discipline and details each of the four levels of discipline in the policy.


Schedules & Calendar
In this section you are provided with a few resources to help you navigate around the East High schedule this year. Included is the A/B schedule detailing each day for the remainder of the year. You will also find the East High bell schedule helping you to know when to get to class. Lastly, a link is provided to the district calendar for the current year.



Student Toolbox
The student toolbox is a hodge-podge of resources for the students at East High School. Included are links to East social media sites and to frequently used sites such as Get Schooled. Students will find a link to purchase East High apparel and a page highlighting some of the school work done by East High students.


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