East High Night School

Greetigns students & families,

Students, do you need extra help with your school work? Are you wanting to improve your grade and get more 1-1 support from your teacher? Maybe Night School is for you. Listed below is some important information regarding Night School:

  • It will take place on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s after school. 
  • Students will need to report to the cafateria and sign-in. From there they will be directed to the classroom of the subject area they are seeking help with.  
  • If students are struggling academically and looking for extra support this is a great opportunity for them to improve their learning.  
  • If students are under credited, they can utilize this opportunity to get caught up in their classes.  
  • If students are struggling with behavior and attendance, they may also be remanded to Night School until their behavior and attendance improves  

Thank you,

Admin Team.


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