Virtual Learning Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Learning Frequently Asked Questions 

For spanish speaking families please use this link y Spanish Version

If my student has technology issues with their computer, who do I reach out to? 

  • Review our Technology Help Guides linked on the East High School home page in the bulletin board section of our website- East Website 
  • Contact our Family Technology Support Center with questions or technology issues. 

Phone number: (515) 242-8221
Office Hours:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00 – 5:00 and Tuesday, Thursday 9:00 – 7:00 

My student can’t access their email, Infinite Campus or Canvas. What should they do? 

  • Review our bulletin board section (contains information on Canvas, IC, Email, & Teams) of our website- East WebsiteIt has direct links to your login page.  
  • If they’re unable to log into Infinite Campus, they should call the East High School Front office at 242-7788.  If they’re unable to log into their email or Canvas, they will need to call the Family Technology Support Center at 242-8221. 

As a parent/guardian, I’d like access to Canvas to support my student.  How do I do that? 

We encourage families to be engaged in the learning with student.  Please visit the website below for information about how to engage with Canvas as a parent or guardian. 


Does my student need to attend the synchronous (live) learning times? 

Yes.  It is the expectation that student attend and engage with the synchronous learning with their teachers.  Teachers will communicate with students’ times that learning sessions will occur and record the lessons for students to access later.  

Student Handbook 


What if my student cannot attend synchronous (live) learning time? 

The learning times will be recorded and posted in a place communicated to students by the teacher.  Studentwould be expected to participate in asynchronous learning through Canvas and submit any work that is required.  If your student is unable to engage in any form on a specific day (travel, sickness, etc), please call 242-7781 to report their absence to the attendance office.  


How will my student’s attendance be taken? 

Student attendance will be taken daily and updated by noon the following day.  You will see one of four codes: 

  • SL – Synchronous learning participation (student participated in a group lesson, either synchronously or participated via recording) 
  • CV – Canvas module participation (student participated in canvas module(s)) 
  • WS – work submission (student submitted evidence) 
  • OH – office hour meeting (student met/spoke one on one with a teacher regarding instructional content) 

Students may have multiple methods of participation in the same day. Teachers should comment only the primary method of participation (Infinite Campus will only allow one submission in the comments). 

If students do not meet any of these criteria for participation, the daily attendance record will be updated as non-participation (NP). 


What communication should my student receive from their teachers? 

Teachers are expected to communicate frequently with students regarding their classes in a Virtual 

setting.  They may communicate with your student through their DMPS email, SchoolCNXT, Canvas, MS Teams and phone calls.   

Links to all of these platforms can be found on our East High School website- East Website. 


Why is there a Term 1 and a Term 2 on my student’s schedule? 

We have found through our friends at Virtual Campus, that students are most successful balancing just 3-4 courses at a time.  However, we wanted students to still be able to take 7 courses across the whole semester.  Each term, your student has 3-4 courses with opportunity to earn .5 credits per course.  By January 22nd your student would have the opportunity to earn up to 3.5 credits which is in line with any other semester.  Each term, your student will do a semester’s worth of learning in 9 weeks. 


Why does my student have release time? 

First semester is separated into two terms. Term 1 is from 9/8-11/9. Term 2 is 11/10- 1/22/21. 

At the end of term 1, any classes that a student earns a passing grade will be for the entire semester. Since a typical semester would include 7 classes, Term 1 + Term 2 = 7 total classes. 

What if my student has more than one release period? 

Students who are attending Central Campus will have 1 extra release period per CC class they are attending (ex. Student is attending 1 CC class they will have 2 total release periods. Students attending 2 CC classes will have 3 release periods). This is only for Central Campus, NOT Central Academy. 

Some of the classes my student registered for are not on there. 

 Due to the virtual schedule and staffing needs, some classes that we offered last year we were not able to offer this fall. 

What should we do if my student is missing a class, or if they have 8 total classes on my schedule? 

Contact your counselor as soon as possible. 

My student wants to request a schedule change.  Will they be able to? 

Your student would need to meet the following criteria for a schedule change: 

  • Already completed the course and passed it 
  • Missing a graduation requirement 
  • Scheduled for a class out of sequence 
  • Not enough classes to be on track for graduation—most students need 3 courses each 9-week term. 

Or, one of the following significant life events is in play 

  • Graduation Plan has dramatically changed and requires a different course path 
  • Parental Consent has been received to drop an elective or AP course 
  • Any other significant life event approved by building administration 

How will my student complete yearlong classes? 

If your student has a yearlong class, you will see it on their schedule during one term, first semester, and then again in another term during 2nd semester.  For example, if your student is taking Geometry, a yearlong course, they’ll may have the course in Term 1from September 8th-November 9th and then again Term 3 from January 25th-April 1st 


If my student needs to make a schedule change, who do they contact? 

They would contact their counselor.  Email would be the easiest way to do so.  The counselor division is below: 

Grade Split  Last Name  Counselor; email 
Grades 9-10  A-G  Jana McClelland; 
Grades 9-10  H-O  Michael Freund; 
Grades 9-10  P-Z  Dana Smith; 
Grades 11-12  A-D  Natalie Madsen; 
Grades 11-12  E-L  Ryan Bracken; 
Grades 11-12  M-R  Lauren Brandt Erickson; 
Grades 11-12  S-Z  Ashlee Duimstra; 


Why doesn’t my student have a 2nd semester schedule? 

Due to the changes in school format we have not built a 2nd semester schedule yet.   


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