Be East Committee

The Be East Staff Committee is a group of East High School teachers and staff members who believe strongly in promoting a positive climate and culture at East. Staff Committee members volunteer their time and talents to make the Be East program successful.  We are always looking to build our team.  If you are interested, please contact one the Be East Leadership Team members to learn more.

The Staff Committee meets every other Tuesday at 2:50pm in room 1043M.

Committee Meeting Notes

Staff Committee Members



Email Address

Years on Committee
Angela Schreck Be East Leadership Team

Be East Student Team

Be East Lessons  4
Joe Spiess Be East Leadership Team

Administration Liaison  1
Ryan M Pirtle Be East Leadership Team

Scarlet Market

Be East Newsletter & Website

Scarlet Directory  5
Jana McClelland Committee Member

Counseling Liaison  5
Claire Orlando Committee Member  1
Jeff Mullin Committee Member  2
 Jessica Temple Committee Member

Be East Student Lunches  2
 Justine Rinker Committee Member

Building Television Announcements  2
 Scott Roose Committee Member  2
 Fred Niebaum Committee Member

Tier 1 Liaison  2
 Jacqui Stewart Committee Member

Be East Student Lunches  1
 Bill Reed Committee Member  1
Tonie Valadez Committee Member

Community School Coordinator  1
JR Randall Committee Member

At-risk Liaison  1