Student Recognition Lunches

Each quarter we hold a Be East Student Recognition Lunch to honor the accomplishments of our students as well as to acknowledge their actions of being Engaged, Accountable, Safe and Thoughtful.

For each lunch, each teacher from one wing of the building selects one student to nominate.  The lunch is held in the wing of the nominating teachers.  Food for the lunches is donated by area restaurants and businesses.

At the lunch, students and their nominating teachers, along with administrators and other building staff, eat together and share in the celebration.

Congratulations to our students who were nominated for our recognition lunches!  Thanks for being EAST!

 Molly Saldana Preston Olmstead Bentor Neyail Kritika Guragai
Allen Hom Tyanna Buford Lance Burns Jorge Amaro
Yeslie Luna Saavedra  Caine Benshoof Cesilia Guzman Stephanie Savage
Taylor Cobb Yabsira Tekle Isaiah Dameron Erech Norton
Chari San Lilana Chabla Jennifer Phan Erin Myers
Kimberly Zelaya-Reyes Aaron Carpenter Jannine Juarez Morgan Stout
Maria Hernandez Daneila Gama Jacob Dorbor Emma Moore
Why Tarlue Madison Stout

Thanks to our lunch sponsors for your in-kind and monetary support for the 2018-2019 school year!  If you or your business is interested in supporting the Be East Lunches, contact Angela Schreck at  Or, view our Luncheon Brochure to learn more.