PBIS is a building wide positive intervention system that changes behavioral expectations regarding relationships between all individuals in the school. This changes the discussion from “what not to do” to “what to do.” This allows all staff to focus on positive behaviors and marginalizes negative behaviors. When our energy is spent on positively rewarding appropriate behaviors instead of constantly reacting to negative behaviors, the attention seeking student will see appropriate behavior as the norm and the way to be recognized. Throughout the nation high schools that have implemented PBIS show tremendous improvement in student behavior and achievement.

What is the vision for PBIS at East High School?
The vision for PBIS at East High School is to create a safe and supportive school environment for all stakeholders, where students are taught not only academics but also how to be a productive citizen in our society. Staff members create a positive work atmosphere to provide high quality instruction for students. This is not a prescribed curriculum–this is who we are. All staff members within the school collaborate to develop expectations for students and implement interventions for students who fail to meet those expectations. East High School data will drive all decisions being made. The PBIS design for East will look different than it would at any other high school; because East has its own identity and opportunities that will be addressed.

What is the proposed timeline for PBIS?
Other high school models implement an individualized PBIS framework over a three to five year time period. Years one and two focus on establishing school wide expectations, routines and procedures. In years two and three, the focus shifts to the teaching of expectations and more targeted interventions for students who struggle with the school wide expectations. Years four and five involve targeting the students who need tier two and tier three interventions. Our decisions would be based on our needs and baseline data for East High School.

Is PBIS going to work for everyone?
PBIS provides a multi-tiered academic and behavioral system of support school wide. The first tier will work for about 80%-90% of the student population. It is preventative and proactive. The second tier is for about 5-10% of students, students who are at-risk and need a little more support with rapid response and high efficiency. The third tier targets 1-5% of students who need intensive, individual interventions that are assessment based, high intensity, and durable procedures.

What will we do to promote positive behavior and deter negative behavior?

Positive Behaviors will be promoted in a variety of ways: Verbal reinforcement and explanation of the behavior, Wall of fame, student of the month/week, recognition earning additional privileges for events/activities
Negative Behaviors: Additional teaching of desired behaviors, reflection on practices, reinforcements, needs fulfillment, more intensive structure, matrix of redirection


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