Gardening Club

Staff  Sponsor – Owen Hernandez

Email –

Meeting Times

Day – Wednesday

Time – 3:45pm – 4:30pm

Location – Room 3069M

First Meeting – 08/31/2022

Description – Garden Club is a student-led organization dedicated to growing student experiences in planning projects, designing solutions, and making decisions in a safe, supportive environment for all. This year, we have a focus on planning projects, fund-raising and budgeting, and club visibility at East.

Type of Activities – Budget-building and grant writing (MidAmerican grant) Community-sponsored workshop (jointly with mental health club?) Building North Courtyard garden! Plant care around campus.

Major Projects – The North Courtyard will be our main outside space for garden club. Students will be able to see what we are working on during the warmer months. (We want to expand into both courtyards in the future.) We will be trimming back any overgrown plants and shrubs around campus, and hopefully planting some outside spaces in the spring.