Special Interests

Students at East High School come from many different backgrounds, all of which contribute to the richness of East High School’s educational experience. East offers a wide range of club opportunities to meet the interests of every student. These include 4-H club (Deann Hebert), chess club (Frederick Hunter), fashion show committee (Deann Hebert), movement 515 (Kayla O’Connor and Kortny Williamson), photography club (Joleen Weller), project sewing machine (Deann Hebert), the journey (Randy Nordaker), and Undroppable (Kortny Williamson).


4-H is the nation’s largest youth development and empowerment organization, reaching more than 7 million 4-H youth in urban neighborhoods, suburban schoolyards and rural farming communities. Fueled by university-backed curriculum, 4-H’ers engage in hands-on learning activities in the areas of science, healthy living, and food security.

Chess Club
Chess Club is an informal group/club that meets on Thursdays after school. We have some players just beginning to learn the game and others who are quite good. If students are looking for a quick connection to school involvement, then chess club is the place to start. A few years ago East competed against Dowling in a match and came out victorious. Thanks for considering our club.

Fashion Show Committee

Movement 515
Movement 515 is a creative writing community where students and teachers come together to combine the skill of writing and performance. Attempting to slow down the world and investigate themselves, they work toward becoming change agents, shedding light on the impact human emotion and connection brings to the global community. Meetings are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:45-3:30 p.m. at East. Every Thursday, students and teachers meet at North in a workshop environment from 4-5:30 p.m.

Welcome to the Des Moines East High School Photography class website! My name is Joleen Weller and I am more than excited to be able to publish my student’s wonderful work for all to see. This is a VERY new site so please bear with me as I make many changes along the way! PLEASE take time to check out the Scarlet Studios and see the opportunities available for portrait sessions… more to come later, I promise!

Project Sewing Machine
Project Sewing Machine is a group of East High students who love to sew and who would love to have their own sewing machine. Students are given 40 weeks to save $200 and complete community service work. They must also take three semesters of sewing. Mrs. Hebert works with community members and our Project Sewing Machine partner, Metro Sewing and Vac on E. 14th to raise money to help students get their sewing machines. As of February 2014, 69 students have received machines. Students who meet requirements during the 2013/2014 school year will get a new computerized Janome Sewing machine valued at $850.

The Journey
The Journey started after discussion of starting a Christian outreach at East High School. Mr. Nordaker was approached and has since led efforts in having gatherings in his classroom before or after school. During the past school year, The Journey has held pancake breakfasts in the science classroom on Tuesday morning. 75 to 100 students come to eat regular, blueberry, and/or chocolate chip pancakes. 100% apple and orange juice is also served. It’s totally free to the students and anyone is welcome to come (staff too). We tell everyone that it’s a time to have “Conversations about faith and life”. No pressure here.

Students everywhere are graduating against the odds. Undroppable is a social media campaign and feature length documentary ‘in the making’ by filmmaker, writer, and digital producer Jason Pollock. The campaign highlights inspiring students who are going through a lot, but somehow are able to muscle through and graduate no matter what. East High is the first high school in the nation in which Undroppable is incorporated into a class curriculum and run by students. To share your story, email kortny.williamson@dmschools.org or send a tweet to @williamson_ehs.