Activities & Athletics

Participating in athletics is a great way for students to get involved in student life at East High School.  East has a proud athletic history, winning state titles in a number of different sports.  Recent state titles include girls basketball, softball, and girls rugby. The East High athletic department promotes hard hard, positive attitudes and sportsmanship. In the activities section you will find information on each of the sports played at East.


Educational activities play a major role in the growth and development of students at East High School. East High strives to provide students with a yearlong variety of activities, offering enrichment to the everyday course offerings. A few of these educational activities include debate (Sarah Kubus), IHSSA (Virginia Johnson), publications (Natalie Niemeyer), science bound (Nikki Dorr). Students participating in educational activities at East High are taking steps in becoming lifelong learners.



downloadStudent Leadership
East High School students are provided with a number of leadership opportunities. A few of these opportunities include student government (Antonia Valadez), senior board (Praveen Bannikati), and National Honor Society (Jake Hoversteen). At East High, it is an expectation that students graduate with a world awareness and are actively engaged in their school and community. Student leadership activities provide students with this opportunity and the responsibility to actively engage and motive all students to get involved.



Special Interests
Students at East High School come from many different backgrounds, all of which contribute to the richness of East High School’s educational experience. East offers a wide range of club opportunities to meet the interests of every student. These include chess club (Frederick Hunter), movement 515 (Words Taylor).




Music & Theatre
The music program for East High School includes extensive vocal and instrumental opportunities for students. East offers band (Joseph Thering), Orchestra (Jennifer Luft), color guard (Michelle Eggleston) and vocal music (Traci Squires). East’s goal is to ensure that all students have an opportunity to have a strong musical education and have access to programs that enrich their school experience. East also provides students with an opportunity to participate in theatre and play production (Jamaal Allan).


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