Parent Communication

Dear East Families: 

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!  We are excited to begin this virtual journey with you! Below is information you need to know for your student to start classes on Tuesday, September 8th.  Just a reminder that ALL classes are virtual for the entire first semester at the High School level in DMPS.  The semester is broken into two termsTerm 1 will begin Tuesday, Sept 8th and run through Monday, Nov 9thTerm 2 will begin Tuesday, Nov 10 and run through Friday, January 22nd.  

Student Schedules 

You and your student can see their schedule in Infinite Campus.  It is likely that you will see a release period in one of their terms.  This is to keep the consistency of 7 classes across the two terms like would be typical in a standard semester.  If your student does not have a release period, it is likely intentional due to programming or credit needs. Please contact your student’s counselor with any questions about schedules 

Synchronous vs Asynchronous Learning 

Your student will engage in synchronous (live) and asynchronous (independent) learning daily that is required.  Synchronous learning will happen through Microsoft Teams and teachers will provide live instruction during that time for 30-45 minutes as well as support learning that is occurring in the asynchronous setting through Canvas.  They will not be on their computer for live instruction continually for 90 minutes at a time as the schedule reflects.  Rather, that additional time may be used to do assignments in Canvas specific to that block.  All students will engage in their asynchronous learning through Canvas. Once classes start, teachers will help students navigate the times for synchronous learning as well as responsibilities for asynchronous learning throughout the week.  

Bell Schedule 

Block 1:  8:30-10:00 

Block 2: 10:00-11:30 

Lunch: 11:30-12:30 

Block 3:  12:30-2:00 

Block 4:  2:00-3:00 

*For the first week of Term 1, all synchronous learning will begin at the start of each block.  Teachers will communicate with students if that time will change after the first week.  

Contact from Teachers for the First Day of School 

Your student will receive an email with a calendar invite sent to their DMPS student email from their teachers inviting them to a Microsoft Teams session for their classes on Tuesday.  Students will open the link at the designated time to join the class.  Teachers will take attendance during their live session.   If your student has trouble accessing their DMPS student email, please have them call 242-7788 for assistance.  Their email will be critical to student success in this virtual setting. They should get the email Friday, Sept 4th, but some may still come over the weekend.  Encourage your student to continually check their emails leading up to the first day of school.  


Attendance will be taken daily.  Teachers will have until noon the following day to update.  Students will be considered engaging in learning if any of the following are marked in their attendance: 

SL – Synchronous learning participation (student participated in a group lesson, either synchronously or participated via recording)
CV – Canvas module participation (student participated in Canvas module(s)) 

WS – work submission (student submitted evidence) 

OH – office hour meeting (student met/spoke one on one with a teacher regarding instructional content) 

 If they do not engage in any of those modes, you will see NP (no participation) listed in attendance. If your student is not able to participate in any learning for a specific reason (ill, travel, etc), please call the attendance office at 242-8181)

Office Hours 

Teachers will have set office hours each week via Microsoft Teams and will communicate with students when those will be. Students can utilize this time for assistance, as questions, or make up work that was missed.  

Central Campus  

If your student is taking classes at Central Campus, those are in the hybrid model and Central Campus will communicate with your student about when to attend those classes in the building.  Busses will pick students up from home to take to Central Campus and back. The schedule is found on the last page of this letter. 

Meal Site 

East High School is a meal site for students who need meals during the school week.  Students who come to the school to pick up meals will pick up on the South Side of the building.  Distribution times will be between 11:00-1:00pm daily.  

Laptop Distribution  

We will be distributing laptops on the following dates and times: 

Last Name: A-G Wednesday, Sept 2nd from 12:00-4:00 pm 

Last Name: H-N Thursday, Sept 3rd from 12:00-6:00pm 

Last Name: O-Z Friday, September 4th from 8:00-3:00pm 

If you miss your distribution time, please come at one of the other distribution times.   Students should be present to log on to the computer using school Wifi to sign into the district network.  If students are not able to, whomever is picking up the laptop needs to have their log in information. Distribution will occur on the South Side (running parallel to I-235) of the building.  

Canvas Learning Management System 

Your student will be using Canvas daily to engage in work for their classes.  If you’d like to have a parent/guardian account to see items in Canvas, please go to this site: 

East High School Website 

Our website is updated frequently and will be a hub for information going forward.  We encourage you to access it frequently. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.  We look forward to serving your student this year! 

East High School Administration 

You can find the more information regarding Central Campus bus times by clicking on the following link (bottom page of the link)- Parent Communication

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