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Dear East Families,

This has been a roller coaster start to the school year and our students have been amazing adjusting to a new learning model and participating in high percentages.  We are so proud of them!  While the school board is determining metrics for students to re-enter the building, we are working to prepare for students coming back to East starting November 10th. As we get ready to welcome students back to the building in a hybrid model, we need your help to ensure we prepare in the best, and safest, way possible for students and staff.  In order to help us plan, please complete the Learning Model Survey sent to you through DMPS communication by October 4th. If you did not receive communication with the link, we have linked it below:


Full Virtual Selection

  • Students will be served instructionally in the same way they are served currently in Term 1.
  • Students will be enrolled in both Virtual Campus and their home school but will have Virtual Campus teachers.
  • Students will graduate with their home schools if they participate in this model.
  • Students can still participate in athletics and activities at their home school.
  • Staffing will move to Virtual Campus to support and teach students. (Depends on percentage)

Hybrid Selection

  • Students will be part of either Cohort A or Cohort B.
  • Students will attend three days a week one week and two days a week the following week.
  • Teachers will only have their Hybrid students on their rosters at the home schools.
  • High School students will engage in synchronous learning (live) while in attendance at their home schools. When students are participating in learning at home they will be engaged in asynchronous learning (on their own through Canvas and Teams). Depending on the teacher and subject area, there may be instances where students at home are needed to engage in synchronous learning through Teams like they do now in the Virtual model. Teachers will ensure students are aware if this will be occurring in their classroom.

The hybrid plan is significantly different from what was proposed in July which is why families need to choose the plan they’d like to participate in.  If you do not fill out the survey, your choice will default to what you chose in July.  Please visit https://www.dmschools.org/hybrid-virtual-learning-options-for-dmps-students-families/ for more information. In the coming weeks we will communicate additional information about safety, instructional guidelines, and expectations for students while in the building.

Thank you,

East High School Administration

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