High School Credit Basics (and why they are IMPORTANT!!)

What are credits?

· You earn high school credits with each class you pass.

· Each class is worth 0.5 credits.

· In the 4 years you are at East, you need to earn AT LEAST 23 credits (which means passing 46 classes!!)

· To earn a credit, you must have a passing grade.

What is a passing grade?

· You need to earn an A, B, C, or D for it to be considered passing.

· A passing SRG score is 1.75 or higher.

You need to earn 23 credits to graduate and they MUST include:

· 4.0 English = 8 English classes

· 3.0 = 6 Social Studies classes (Modern U.S. History, Personal Economics, and Government plus two other semesters of Social Studies electives)

· 3.0 Math = 6 Math classes including a year of Algebra I

· 3.0 Science = 6 Science classes

· 1.0 P.E.

· 1.5 Fine Arts = 3 classes (Art, Band, Business, Choir, Family Consumer Science, and Tech classes count)

*Fine Arts class also cover a lot of the 21st Century Skills graduation requirements: Financial, Health, Employability, and Technology literacy.

· 7.5 Electives = 15 classes

9th Grade–Classes you need to pass are…(It’s everything you are already scheduled in!)

· Earth Science

· English I

· Algebra I

· Modern U.S. History

· P.E.

· Fine Arts/Electives

10th Grade–Classes you need to pass are…

· Biology

· English II

· Geometry

· Social Studies electives such as AP Human Geography, Psychology, or


· P.E.

· Fine Arts/Electives

11th Grade–Classes you need to pass include:

· Environmental Science OR Chemistry

· English III OR AP Language & Composition

· Algebra II OR Intro to Statistics & Intro to Trigonometry

· *Modern U.S. History (for this year’s juniors if they haven’t had it already)

· P.E.

· Fine Arts/Electives

And finally…12th Grade: If you have passed all the classes you have taken by your senior year then the following classes are the only ones left you need to pass.

**That leaves you lots of space to take other electives, more math, language, or dual-credit college classes at East and at Central Campus, and AP courses to help prepare you for college!

· English IV OR AP Language & Comp OR AP Lit & Comp OR Creative Writing

· Personal Economics

· Government

· P.E.

· Fine Arts/Electives

Questions about YOUR credits or academic plan? REACH OUT TO US!!

9th-10th Grade Counselors:

Last names A-G: Jana.mcclelland@dmschools.org

Last names H-O: Michael.freund@dmschools.org

Last names P-Z: Dana.smith@dmschools.org

11th-12th Grade Counselors:

Last names A-D: Natalie.madsen@dmschools.org

Last names E-L: Ryan.bracken@dmschools.org

Last names M-R: Lauren.brandterickson@dmschools.org

Last names S-Z: Ashlee.duimstra@dmschools.org


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