Course Registration & Requests

Every year after winter break, East High students enroll in courses for the following year. Graduation requirements include 3 social science credits, 4 credits English Credits, 3 mathematics credits, 1.5 applied/fine arts credits, 1 physical education credit and 7.5 elective credits. Students should have a minimum 6 credits after ninth grade, 12 credits after 10th grade, 18 credits after 11th grade and a minimum of 23 credits to graduate. To be eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities, a student must have passed all courses (minimum course load = 4 academic courses per semester). Summer school can not be used to make-up courses for eligibility purposes only.

East offers a variety of elective courses in different areas of study. The world language department offers Spanish and French courses. The family and consumer science department offers courses in fashion, parenting, culinary arts and health. The business department offers courses in accounting, computer applications, desktop publishing, finance, web design and more. These course offerings are just a few of what East has to offer students. Here you will find the East High course catalog and the grade level course request forms. Click on the course catalog and course requests to learn more information.

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