East High School makes a priority to provide families with various educational choices. East High educates some of the top scholars in the state who go on to attend leading colleges and universities around the world. We are home to teachers who are recognized throughout the community as passionate educators. East provides students with a comprehensive, well-rounded curriculum. And, East offers students a wide range of special programs to meet their interests and needs. To learn more about the East’s curriculum offerings and other educational programs, please visit the links listed below.




East monitors the progress of every student with a variety of assessments. The year-end schoolwide assessments are called Iowa Assessments. The main purposes of the Iowa Assessments are to provide the school with information that can be used to improve instruction and to help teachers make sound educational decisions about each student’s learning. The scores allow teachers to check each student’s year-to-year growth and to identify areas of achievement and needed areas of improvement. Students should be encouraged to do their best on the Iowa Assessments, as they should for all of their school activities. During the week of testing, make sure your student gets as much sleep each night as they normally get on a school night, so they arrive at school ready to put forth their best effort.



East High School provides students with a well-rounded curriculum to prepare them for the next stages of their lives in the 21st century. Here you will find information regarding the Iowa Core Curriculum and what students are learning in each subject area. You will also find the Des Moines Public School graduation requirements. Every student has specific courses he or she is required to complete before graduating. To find out about the wide range of educational opportunities outside of the classroom, please visit the Activities page on our web site.



The vision for PBIS at East High School is to create a safe and supportive school environment for all stakeholders, where students are taught not only academics but also how to be a productive citizen in our society. Staff members create a positive work atmosphere to provide high quality instruction for students. This is not a prescribed curriculum–THIS IS WHO WE ARE. All staff members within the school collaborate to develop expectations for students and implement interventions for students who fail to meet those expectations. East High School data will drive all decisions being made. The PBIS design for East will look different than it would at any other high school; because East has its own identity and issues that need to be addressed.


The East High School philosophy capitalizes on our rich diversity to develop life-long learners, capable of adapting to the ever-changing world. Here you will find the East High vision/mission statement detailing the mission of our school. Also, you will find the goals set each new academic school year. East strives to achieve our academic goals of increasing reading and math proficiency rates, and increasing daily attendance (detailed here).



East provides students with a variety of options to meet their educational needs and interests. East offers programs such as Advanced Placement, Special Education, English Language Learners, SUCCESS, and many more. East provides educational programs as diverse as the people who learn and live in our community. Here you will learn more information about the educational programs at East High School.



Standards-Referenced Grading
Des Moines schools have begun a transition to a more helpful form of progress reporting. It might not seem all that “helpful” right now, as you’re seeing things you haven’t seen before, but let’s take a look at how things are changing…


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